Our Food Pantry

We started out helping about a dozen families with food that members knew about in our area. As we became aware of a larger food issue we expanded our ministry. We started in a trailer and since added on to our gym and are equipped with many freezers. We now serve over 100 families as a distribution center for Harvest Texarkana. Distributions happen on the second Monday of each month and include USDA items as well. Volunteers work the day before to prepare and arrive at 10:00 the day of distribution. We get food from the Harvest Texarkana supply, USDA, and a distribution day trailer delivery of Walmart produce and bakery goods. If all goes well we finish by 1:30.

On Delivery days help is needed to unload food from trailers, sort food items, stuff food boxes, and carry out both food boxes and USDA bags for clients. There are also volunteers who do clerical work checking in clients.

Potential clients need to fill out forms for both Harvest Texarkana food boxes and for Government USDA bags. There is currently a waiting list for new clients due to limitations of space and manpower. New clients are added as others exit due to positive changes in their life situations. Texas residents are referred to one of the many Texas Harvest Texarkana distribution places.



Our food pantry is a great place to volunteer and serve the community. Our distribution day is always on second Mondays. We start distribution at 10:00 am and we need volunteers to help set up tables, chairs, and prepare our food packs before that. Call the church office (870-774-4091) if you have questions and come help us, you will get a blessing.